We create interiors

We create interiors

We create interiors

We create interiors

Kamila Harris Home has a special competence to complete the design of many other aspects of your interior in addition to your windows, focusing on “soft furnishing” in the solution and the complete interior design. Up to now, the English term “soft furnishing” is not very widespread in our region and there really is no adequate Czech expression for it.

The subject of our interest in the interior starts with everything that is so-called “soft”. First and foremoast we specialize in the selection of interior fabrics for curtains, drapes or upholstery material.

We will fine-tune wallpapers, carpets and beautiful upholstery pieces in your interior, including sofas, armchairs, loungers, poufs, footstools, moreover we will make custom-made headboards.
We will underline the final atmosphere of your interior by choosing suitable lighting.

We also offer a beautiful range of natural material ‘throws’ (wool, cashhere, mohair, alpaca etc.) to add a finishing warm and cozy touch to your interior from suppliers in England and Italy. They are available directly here in our E-Shop.

How do we work? A client may come to us with some fairly concrete idea, or someone comes even with only a vague notion of what they want to achieve. We can handle and direct both situations.

We pay maximum attention to each client – our effort is to help reveal the client’s unique wishes, what change they want to make in the interior and what to achieve. Sometimes it is a replacement curtain or a new carpet. Often though it is a complete concept for a room, or an entire apartment or house.

Not everyone is able to precisely define a certain style and what the interior design should look like. So we as experts in interior decorating at Kamila Harris Home are here to advise our customers – they will be able to orient themselves better and find their way.

We first start from any ideas the client has regarding preferences for colors, patterns, shapes and structures. Photographs of the existing interior or of an interior that our client would like to achieve are also very helpful in the initial phase.

We have a vast number of samples of fabrics, carpets and wallpapers, which our clients can view in our studio in peace and even borrow samples to examine at home.

Together with you, we will select the substances you like.

Our colleague and specialist in suspension systems, rails and designer cornices, as well as seamstresses are masters of their craft and together with them we will transform your interior to absolute perfection.