Classic, roman and motorized roller blinds

Roller blinds

Classic, roman and motorized roller blinds

Roller blinds

We often install fabric blinds for our customers, under which you can imagine classic fabric blinds with winding mechanisms and chains, or Roman blinds.

For those interested in classic fabric blinds, we have blinds from the leading Czech manufacturer of blinds BEMATECH, which has more than 25 years of experience in the field of fabric interior shading systems and is one of the world leaders in the field throughout Europe.

Bematech manufactures blinds which, thanks to its own development center, combine unique technological solutions with the latest design. We love Bematech, the chains don’t break, the blinds are beautiful, in many colors, thicknesses and designs.

Your blind will be functional, it can look like natural linen for your country cottage or it can be technically white and minimalist on a large window in your new modern residence. It will look almost invisible, while meeting all the requirements for shading and of course your privacy.

Our customers are increasingly choosing fabric roller blinds. Blinds in our homes create a healthy comfort zone by regulating the penetration of light and heat into the room and affecting the acoustics. Blinds bring a special energy and intimacy to a space, thanks to which we feel comfortable in our homes. Fabric blinds often find their customer among minimalists who don’t prefer the distinctive decoration of windows via elaborate curtains, but rather wish to make the room cozy in a simple and sober style.

Fabric blinds are also often the only practical solution in situations where a curtain basically cannot be used, such as in the case of ceiling shading, shading of conservatories or other sloping glazed surfaces. Or where a curtain is not preferred due to potential water splashes, such as a kitchen or a bathroom.

A fabric blind can be either a classic roller fabric blind or a Roman blind. These blinds differ from each other in the way the fabric is wound.

Today we offer many ways to control fabric blinds. We are especially excited about the blinds that are on a remote control, i.e. „motorozed blinds“.
We have found that these blinds have numerous advantages that perhaps are initially less obvious but we learn to appreciate them when we use them.

For example, in older apartments with double windows there is no need to open the interior window to adjust the blind. The result is that we will much more often use the blind when it is needed to be used when it is motorized whereas we often just don’t use it otherwise because it is too much trouble. It is also much easier and even pleasant to operate rather than yanking on a chain – which can even sometimes break.

These motorized blinds also do not require you to prepare electricity in your house, the blinds are battery-powered and are simply recharged, just like your phone. Read our article on this topic in detail: “motorized blinds” for more information on this innovation…