Fine decorative curtains and sheers

Fine decorative curtains and sheers

Curtains and sheers

Our speciality is doing custom decorative curtains and sheers…Kamila Harris Home is a well-established curtain-making studio/boutique based in Prague. All our curtains are handmade to the highest specifications and the most exacting standards.

We’ve made every style of curtain from a multitude of different fabrics. Over the past decade we have made 100’s of sets of fine decorative curtains and sheers in numerous designs, whether traditional or contemporary modern designs.

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Each project goes though a process of design and planning to ensure that your curtains and sheers look and function exactly the way you envisaged. Very often curtains and sheers have to provide a practical solution to a window: Retain heat in winter, reduce heat or noise in the summer, solve the coverage problem of an unusal shape or size window, of course resolve the „ black nightime space“ problem when there is no light or view outside, etc.

Moreover the optimal window treatments can provide a real sense of beauty, nature, elegance, drama or even fun and dramatically change the look and feeling of a room and interior.

Options are many including the appropriate length for the curtains, what kind of fabric to use and of course the actual fabric design, lined or without linings, what kind of pleats to use, how to hang them, which curtain rail systém whether purely functional or also to add style, and much more.

Whether you have a particular design in mind or need some help reaching a design choice – we are able to assist you.. We understand that the decision making process can be a bit daunting. With so many different possibilities in both design and fabric choice – where does one start? Kamila or Jitka or another member of her team would be delighted to visit your property and help you achieve your interiors vision for decorative curtains and sheers.