Artisanal lighting


Artisanal lighting

Stéphane Davidts from Brussels, Belgium

We are pleased to present to you on our website the exclusive handmade lighting of the Belgian manufacturer Stéphane Davidts.

All lighting is technically perfect and the individual ranges are designed to work with the styles of various interiors, where they underline the unique character of the home.

The attractive design of the luminaires will add a specific atmosphere to each room of the house, whether it is the lighting of the entrance hall, bedroom, office, living room.
All these rooms have specific lighting requirements, which you will find in our portfolio from Stéphane Davidts.

Definitely also do not miss the pictorial lights, which illuminate and bring to life paintings and works of art.

Stéphane Davidts designs and manufactures lighting fixtures in his Brussels workshop with a team of metalworkers and craftsmen who are top experts in the most complex production techniques.
First-class brass lighting is the most noble lighting material. Customers can choose from polished or brushed brass. The offer includes bronze patinas, brushed or polished chrome and nickel. You will also find a lacquered black or white structured coating in the surface treatment menu.

The lighting above the dining table has well-designed suspensions that perfectly illuminate your culinary experiences.
Table and floor lamps are real decorative elements in the interior. You can choose from different types of metal finishes and shades.
A number of unique wall lamps are designed to match even the most luxurious residences.

Stéphane Davidts also offers wonderful premium handmade shades. The best and most fashionable materials and fabrics from all over Europe are chosen for the production of lampshades at Stéphane Davidts.

They are designed for a perfect look and are designed to last.

Vaughan from London, England

Founded in London in 1983 by artist designer Michael and Lucy Vaughan, the company is now one of the leading designers and manufacturers of decorative lighting in the world.

Vaughan is famous for making high quality classic products that are not subject to passing fashions but are timeless, beautiful in a clean and simple way and in true good taste. Everything is designed in-house and sources of inspiration can be hugely varied from early 18th century to mid 20th century design to contemporary artwork.

All are „classic“ pieces that will last the course of time and that fit happily into both traditional and contemporary interiors – or, as is often the case, a clever mixture of the two.

Almost all Vaughan products are either made in Britain or assembled or finished in Britain.