Fire resistant fabrics

Fire resistant fabrics – Trevira CS

Trevira CS

Fire resistant fabrics

These fabrics meet the strictest fire standards, no chemical treatment is required. The fire-resistant properties are not lost even through long-term use, maintenance, washing or aging of the material.

The fabrics are made of 100% TREVIRA CS polyester fibers: these fibers are directly enriched with an organophosphorus substance, which ensures this permanent non-flammability.

Substances under the name TREVIRA CS have a wide range of uses. They are designed especially for fire resistant or fire retardant curtains for commercial spaces where a large number of people may gather, such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, cinemas, theaters, conference rooms, etc.

TREVIRA CS fabrics also have a positive effect on the ecology, they are less demanding on water. Polyester is not toxic, does not release gases, can be recycled.