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Our company has been operating on the Czech market in the field of “soft furnishing” for 10 years.

During this time, we have become real experts in all interior equipment, where fabrics and fabrics are used, including lighting to create a unique atmosphere in the interiors.

Our main specializations are window decorations, interior shading and hanging systems for curtains and drapes. Over time, we have expanded our area due to client demand with quality comfortable upholstered furniture, beautiful wallpaper, high quality carpets, bedspreads, woolen blankets, plaids, pillows and designer lighting. In short, everything “soft” that makes your beautiful home home. According to the customer’s wishes, we produce individually upholstered pieces, such as headboards or upholstered benches and coffee tables.

We rely on personal work with the client. We listen to your ideas and are able to guide you if you are unsure or completely lost in what your home should look like. Maybe you only have a general idea of your dream home and you don’t know what to do next; of course, here we are. We follow current trends in the field of soft furnishing, we visit the world trade fairs Heimtextile in Frankfurt and Deco – off Paris from where we bring not only new fabric samples, but above all the “know-how” of our colleagues from the textile industry from all over the world.

We are your curator who chooses beauty for your interior.

We stand firmly behind all the brands and individual products we offer our customers. We do not offer you anything that we would not want to have at home. That is our philosophy.

We choose suppliers for our cooperation with a personal approach, they are often small family companies with a long generation tradition across Europe.

We look forward to you.
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kamila@kamilaharrishome.com Detail

Kamila Harris

  • 2013 – DesignŠkola, Prague
  • 2006 – Mgr. Univerzita Jana Amose Komenského, Prague

“Be different, be original and don’t be afraid of colors and textures.” K. Harris

I like interiors that breathe personality. You will most often find my handwriting in sleek urban elegance. I enjoy working with accents, such as: the colored shade of your lamp, an art object, a painting or a carpet. I like to go back in history, I love the castle style and I am convinced that we can still be very inspired by our ancestors. This is also one of the reasons for my love of combining historical styles with today’s modernity.

I like to work with accessories in our textile area, whether it is ties for curtains, trimmings, decorative braids, tassels for pillows or wallpaper. It’s about elevating the interior with something, slightly disturbing it, simply imprinting a face on the room, preferably the one that reflects the personality of its owner.

What does my colleague Jitka say about me?

Kamila is an element with which you will not really be bored and she will bring this energy to your interiors as well. If you need to brighten up and make your interior special, Kamila is the right partner and helper for you. For the winter, she will cover your windows in soft and warm velvets (you can’t even imagine how many we have in the studio and yet we still buy more; in the summer, your space will be brightened up with floral patterns and if you think it can’t surprise you anymore, luxurious natural silk willl come into play like the icing on the cake.

Kamila loves French interiors in all their forms. Their hidden sophistication and fun provocation. It is a wonder to live in an interior that Kamila created. She will decorate your curtains with beautiful trimmings and ties, uniting everything into a perfect harmonious whole, including pillows, carpets, wallpaper and bedspreads.

Kamila Harris

Founder and Interior Designer

jitka@kamilaharrishome.com Detail

Jitka Prokopiusová

  • 2012 – INTERMEZZO School of Interior Design
  • 1998 – Ing. Vysoká škola Ekonomická, Prague

Motto: „Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.“ W. Morris

In today’s hectic and changing times, we long even more for a harmonious and cozy home. When creating such homes, I like to use a clear concept, attention to detail, a love of perfect craftsmanship and natural materials. Of our fabrics, I prefer to work with wool and flax in all its forms. I love tweeds. And I like to use the British Scotch plaids and herringbone patterns, which you know from men’s suits and coats, also for upholstery. In essence I like high quality, simplicity and timeless elegance.

My favorite styles are modern vintage and contemporary urban design.

What does my colleague Kamila say about me?

Jitka likes to ride her bike, where you can meet her in the summer (if you’re lucky), as she carries a bunch of fresh flowers to us in her basket. She likes flax, sisal rugs, Roman blinds, farms and village houses. If you dream of the most beautiful country house and you are afraid that you will make a wrong step, then know that Jitka knows a lot about true country style.

However, if you long for urban style and live in a new building, this is one of the other directions where Jitka will advise you. She tends more towards minimalism, she is a great perfectionist, she likes lightness and airiness in the interior.

Jitka Prokopiusová

Interior Designer and Project Manager, Prague

finance@kamilaharrishome.com Detail

Michael Harris

  • 1975 – Georgetown University, BSFS International Economics
  • 1980 – The Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration, MBA

My involvement in this interesting creative interiors business has a quite different focus than that of my splendid colleagues. It is basically to do all possible to free them so they can concentrate on their clients, projects and suppliers. For example I take care of all financial matters, but also interesting but nonetheless very time-consuming projects such as implementing an E-Shop and designing a totally new website.

The division of responsibilities in the company reminds me of when I worked in the music industry and in book publishing. In these creative fields there is also a big benefit to freeing up the creative people from administrative and non-creative work.

What does my colleague Jitka say about me?

Michael brings calm energy, balance and visionary insight to our team.

He excels in incredible analytical skills and brings order and rules to our women’s crazy and creative tandem. He solves finances with German precision and know that our customers will never allow themselves to send overdue payments to this empathetic gentleman. Although he is an American who got lost in the Czech Republic more than twenty years ago, he entertains us with his beautiful British sophisticated humor.

And ladies, from his collection of silk ties, you will go crazy.

Michael Harris