Children's rooms

Decorating kids’ rooms

Children's rooms

Decorating kids' rooms

When furnishing a children’s room, we should keep in mind that all of us retain memories of our room when we were small. How we arrange a room for our child is important, they will carry this visual memory for the rest of their life.

Children are playful, inspiring, they need to have stimuli around them so that they can develop into independent, self-confident beings who carry an aesthetic feeling, a sense of beauty and detail.

There is no need to overwhelm children with bright colors, as has been the case so often in the past.
Now though, the trend of refined development of children’s minds is more pronounced. Children have the opportunity to notice the many small details that they can then unite into a whole and perceive the world.

When we furnish a child’s room and create its interior, let’s try to look at it with the eyes of children. Children will not only perceive colors, but will also remember the fabrics and their structures, shapes and scents.

Harlequin (Sanderson Design Group, England)

The Harlequin brand has created a beautiful book of fabrics and wallpapers aimed at children filled with their witty and whimsical children’s collections.

Every child can find themselves in this book: Does your child like the theme of a cheerful and colorful circus? Or would they rather go into the forest among foxes and ladybugs? A little ballerina can choose her wallpaper with us – and we even know the universe and the rocket, which will fly from the child’s room up to the stars.


Of course, the American Thibaut thinks of our little ones in its collection.

Beautiful vibrant colors and drawings on wallpaper and fabrics transform the children’s room into a splendid world filled with fantasy.