English wallpaper

English wallpaper

English wallpaper

English wallpaper

English wallpapers are represented in our portfolio by the Sanderson Design Group, including these luxury interior brands:

Clarke&Clarke – Classic, natural collections, floral

Harlequin – Modern, empowering people to express themselves through colour, pattern and design.

Morris & Co. – A famous collection designed originally by one of the founders of the English Arts and Crafts movement in the late 19th century, William Morris.
We present to you a brand named after the most influential figure of 19th century artistic and social life in Britain, William Morris.

This talented designer, political theorist, publisher, environmental activist, but also a poet, has imprinted an unmistakable character in the wallpaper and fabrics of this brand.

It combines incredible timeless craftsmanship and British art with an admiration for nature. Its extremely ornate and brightly colored range of fabrics and wallpapers are real British icons.
Morris wallpapers and fabrics tend to work very well in somewhat classic interiors.

In addition to this original series of works by William Morris, a timeless collection of English wallpapers and PURE MORRIS fabrics was created. The Pure collection presents complementary wallpapers, fabrics, as well as carpets of Morris’s iconic designs in a neutral palette of tones, while maintaining the integrity of the originals.
The choice of Morris Pure wallpapers and fabrics is ideal for creating warm and cozy modern interiors for an “escape from the world around you”.

These are unique and sophisticated works that can enrich our soul and mind.

Sanderson – Sanderson celebrated its 160th anniversary in 2020 and became the oldest surviving English brand in its field. From 1923, it gained the privilege of supplying wallpaper, fabrics and colors to Queen Elizabeth II. and the British Royal Palaces.

We are honored to be able to spread this brand to your homes through our studio.

We recommend English Sanderson wallpapers to those customers who want to support the atmosphere of an elegant home at home and you can choose from several brands and styles.
This collection of purely English wallpapers offers sensitively paired hand-drawn patterns and bold interpretations from historical archives.

Scion – The Scion collection is suitable for modern interiors, it breathes the atmosphere of the 70s of the last century is the so-called contemporary design. We would not hesitate to say that it is a retro design in wallpapers. A trend that is now returning and will stay here with us for some time.

Zoffany – Zoffany is an alchemy of colors, damask patterns and this season brings us opulent patterns. Do you like floral patterns or wallpapers with birds? Then Zoffany is just for you.

Anna French

In addition, we carry the full range of the splendid Anna French wallpapers. Anna is an iconic English designer whose entire portfolio was acquired by the venerable American wallpaper company “Thibaut”.