Blackout curtains


Blackout curtains / dimout curtains

Blackout curtains are very popular and often in demand among our clients, which is why we have so many alternatives of these textiles in various colors and textures in our collection, in order that really everyone can choose.
Clients often come to us with an already clear idea and requirement for light dimming.
Based on our experience, though, we will always ask you how you actually feel about darkness and sleep.
Some people want absolute darkness like in a hotel, in this case we use 100% blackouts. But if someone wants only subdued darkness, we use so-called dimouts, which darken the room to 85%. And some people want a curtain but nonetheless like to wake up to the new day and sunlight: In this case we use light structured curtains, or a lighter version of any decorative fabric with cotton lining.

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We would like to explain to you the possibilities of this type of textile and what you can imagine under the term blackout curtain and thus help you with your choice.
If someone needs total darkness to sleep without any light penetrating whatsoever, this is accomplished by a fabric that is often used in hotels, known as blackout curtains.
Classic blackout is a fabric that can be fairly stiff to the touch, as it has a so-called rubber coating, it is a rubberized back layer of textile, which really totally blocks the penetration of light.

Not every customer knows that there is another type of blackout curtain that will provide you with a relatively large amount of darkness, which is sold under the name dimout.
Dimout curtains in the interior ensure darkness of 85% – 95%.
The dimout curtains have the advantage that they provide you with more interesting alternatives for your interior, as they are offered in a wider range of structures and patterns than blackouts. Although these are functional fabrics, dimouts can look like satin, velvet, or even resemble natural fibers like wool or linen.

Customers can choose blackout curtains or dimout curtains for classic and modern interiors, where they are not only functional but also a beautiful decorative element.

It is often a surprise to many customers that they can have blackout curtains in any color – even in white! – which nonetheless ensure darkness.