Motorized roller blinds Bematech

Bematech motorized roller blinds

Motorized roller blinds

Bematech motorized roller blinds

Today we offer many ways to control fabric blinds.

We have the option to choose manual blind control, motorized blind control or battery blind control.

Motorized blinds can all be equipped with a remote control for the convenience of our customers.
In the event that no electricity is installed in the interior for the realization of the blind, our customers can choose battery-operated blinds.

Do you know what is the best thing about this solution? Imagine a roller shutter that you simply install, it works on your remote control and you simply recharge it just like your phone – but infrequently.

Even without an electrical power supply, it’s efficient, modern and easy. These blinds have a motor with an integrated rechargeable battery and a built-in receiver for comfortable remote control of your blinds.


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