Our modern, elegant and luxurious throws and scarves from England: Bronte by Moon

Our modern, elegant and luxurious throws and scarves from England: Bronte by Moon

The memorable year 1837 marks the accession of Queen Victoria to the British throne in England.

Queen Victoria ruled the British throne for 63 years and was the second longest-reigning monarch after Elizabeth II, who was her great-granddaughter. During this era, which we know as the Victorian period, Britain saw not only military and political growth, but also significant scientific and industrial development.

In the same year – 1837, the fabric manufacturing company Abraham Moon & Sons is founded in Britain. This renowned company, with a reputation for consistent quality and innovative design, was bought in 2009 by Bronte Tweeds, a tartan company.

At Kamila Harris Home, we are now honored to offer our customers a range of luxury blankets and scarves of the highest quality under the current company name of Bronte by Moon. You can view this exceptional product HERE:


The exceptionality of these luxurious blankets and scarves lies in the historical details of production, processing and mainly the quality of refined wool fibers.

Elegant blankets and scarves in stylish designs with remarkable details are woven with the utmost care from fine Merino lambswool, 100% pure new wool or from luxurious alpaca and mohair wools.

Soft and warm scarves and blankets are available in trendy checks, patterns and classic tartans. They will help you maintain a stylish well-being, whether in the beginning of autumn or the following winter. There is nothing better than snuggling up in a luxurious plaid in the evening with a glass of excellent red wine.

But let’s go back to history. When Abraham Moon had a three-storey mill built on Netherfield Road in Guiseley in 1868, it was not only because it was close to his house, but mainly because the mill had an abundant supply of soft water, ideal for washing and other important processes in the production of wool and luxurious blankets processed from it. Found records from the 1890s of the export of this manufacturer to Western Europe and Japan testify to the interest of customers for centuries.

Now the company is one of the last remaining vertical wool mills in the UK, meaning they are among a select few who continue to complete all manufacturing processes from a single location.

And how are Bronte By the Moon luxury blankets actually made?

The raw wool is delivered directly to Guiseley. Merino lambswool comes mainly from South Africa, Shetland quality pure new wool comes from New Zealand and alpaca from the Peruvian Andes. Quality starts at the farm, which is why the company buys its wool from proven sources, because the best natural raw materials are needed to make a luxury blanket. The owners of the company are aware that quality wool can only be obtained from healthy sheep. Wool is only purchased from growers who adhere to standards in animal welfare, land management and social impact. The healthy wool used to make luxury blankets is either scrubbed or cleaned and combed after delivery, ensuring that less than 0.3% of impurities remain inside the fleece.

Wool cleaned in this way for the production of luxury blankets goes to the dyehouse, where precise combinations of dye, pressure, temperature and time are used. These combinations are top secret to ensure that the unique color palette remains identical for the luxurious blankets.

Next comes the carding stage, an important process necessary to produce soft, smooth luxury blankets. The mixed wool, lubricated with a little water and oil, passes through a series of combed rollers, which first comb the fibers in one direction and then in the other. At the end of the process, the combed and combed wool fibers are wound onto a spool ready to be placed in the spinning machine.

After the fabric is woven, a rigorous quality control process begins for each piece. Every centimeter of fabric is inspected at three stages of the production process – when it comes off the loom, after completion and again before it leaves the factory – ensuring trademark consistency in the quality of these luxury blankets.

In the final stage, the fabric is washed using pure water pumped from wells 800 feet below Guiseley, then ground and dried. The oils that were used to help make the fabric are removed. The final step in the process is completion. Each length of fabric is carefully pressed using steam and specialized equipment used to remove any shrinkage, completing the fabric creation for luxury blankets.

And what is our favorite blanket at Kamila Harris Home?

Our favorites necessarily include the luxurious blankets made of alpaca wool:


coming from Peruvian llamas. It is the choice of connoisseurs who already know their way around. This wool has been known for over six thousand years as the thread of the gods. It is a durable, luxurious and silky fiber, celebrated for its warmth, incredible softness and softness and for its hypoallergenic properties. It is ideal as a luxurious blanket or stylish plaid.